Mama’s Wish - Behind the Scenes

August 29, 2020

Behind the scenes look at the first short film I wrote and directed as part of one of my final projects at UH Manoa’s Academy for Creative Media. Mama’s Wish is a coming of age story that sheds light on the Filipino American experience in Hawaii. My inspiration for writing "Mama’s Wish" drew from my personal experience as a first generation Filipino-American, born to a traditional and bilingual family originally from the Philippines. My parents and I were raised in two different countries with differing belief systems and cultures, so I struggled to pursue filmmaking as a full time career. During this ordeal, I realized I wasn't alone. Many of my friends and colleagues who were aspiring filmmakers, actors, musicians, artists and singers were also struggling to gain acceptance and understanding from their family.

I wrote “Mama’s Wish” in hopes of inspiring fellow creatives that they shouldn't be afraid of pursuing their career interests and believing in it, even when the odds are against them. I want to encourage fellow Asian Americans to build courage to be open and honest- reconnecting themselves to their roots and their heritage.