Bradley Tangonan

August 6, 2022

In the second episode of NMG Network's series, NMG Originals, we get an intimate look at writer/director Bradley Tangonan’s process creating his short film “River of Small Gods” from concept to fruition.

Company: NMG Network
Brand/Channel: NMG Originals
Executive Producer: Jason Cutinella
Director: Gerard Elmore
Featuring: Bradley Tangonan, Danielle Zalopany, Michael Tanji and Gerard Elmore
Producers: Kyle Kosaki and Shaneika Aguilar
Camera Operator: Kyle Kosaki
Editor: Shaneika Aguilar
Creative Services Manager: Shannon Fujimoto
Special Thanks To: Rob Letterman, Jordan Kandell, Aaron Kandell, Ohina Labs, Creative Lab Hawaii and Pacific Islands in Communication

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